Commercial electrical testing services in Sussex

We offer high quality EICRs throughout East and West Sussex.

Commercial Electrical Testing Services for Every Kind of Business

Commercial electrical testing services are not only important for your business, they’re essential. Not only that, it’s only fully qualified and NAPIT electricians, such as Koning Electrical, that can carry them out.

In a nutshell, an EICR will quickly identify any deficiencies or problems with your electrics so that they can be fixed long before they become a hazard, or worse, pose a risk to life. The report will of course highlight any necessary immediate work, too.

Koning Electrical not only identifies any problems, we can fix them.

Every electrical installation will degrade with age, it’s just how it is. Therefore, regular testing of your electrical circuits and appliances offers essential protection of the wellbeing of your staff.

Should you not organise for testing to be carried out, we must be honest with you: nothing may happen. However, if there’s an accident at your work place caused by an electrical fault that’s deemed to have been preventable you WILL be in trouble – you could even be prosecuted.

When an electrical condition report is needed

The following time scales apply:

  • 5 years for a commercial installation (offices etc)
  • 3 years for industrial premises
  • 3 years for caravans
  • 1 year for swimming pools

EICRs for businesses, factories and industrial premises

The report will reflect the nature and size of your business. For example, we’ll identify the adequacy of earthing on bonding. Also, we’ll uncover how suitable the switchgear is, as well as the control gear.

Mainly, we’ll focus on the installation and maintenance of the electrics and the serviceability of the equipment. Your report will highlight clearly any wear and tear issues. Likewise, you’ll be able to see all the works that you must correct immediately – or in the longer term if not considered urgent.