Commercial air conditioning and HVAC services in Sussex

Koning Electrical provides a wide range of commercial air conditioning services in Sussex and its surrounding areas.

Commercial air conditioning services to create a secure and comfortable working environment

In your business, the bottom line is vital.

If productivity and continuity are important to you, then you should talk to us.

Busy, positive staff in a suitable working environment make for a unified workforce.  Why? Because they perform better. And, happy employees are highly valuable.  And valued, of course.

Comfort is everything. Let Koning Electrical be a part of your essential business culture.

Bespoke commercial air conditioning just for your business

Koning Electrical will design a commercial air conditioning system to reflect the needs of your building.  The exact requirements.  For offices, factories and retail spaces, our specialists will be pleased to create and install  conditioning that subtly cools. Or, which gently provides warmth.

In this way, your staff will remain relaxed and happy.  And, be far more likely to be productive.

We offer a full range of commercial air conditioning system options, from wall-mounted and ceiling-based units to flat roof and concealed solutions.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Perhaps your offices could benefit from an HVAC system.  Essentially, this clever technology offers three benefits in one.  That is, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

As an illustration, Koning Electrical can design, install and repair industrial HVAC systems and units, including

  • Heat extractor and exchangers
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Free-standing and ducted warm air units
  • Suspended high-level heaters
  • Supply and extractor fans

In a word, are you ready to get cool? Or feel the heat? Or, given the above, be a good boss and keep your staff more comfortable?